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The Art Hearts Project...Create a Heart Today!


Art Hearts for Haiti logoHello and welcome to the "Art Hearts" project...Make a heart and make a difference. 


Our names are Kate and Emma. We are 7-year old twin girls, who along with our mom, came up with the idea for Art Hearts. The goal of this project is to use art to help children and people who are in disaster and disadvantaged situations to feel a little less alone, a little more hope, and a lot more loved. The first recipients of the hearts and money we collect will be given to the children of Haiti. Our goal is to collect 10,000 Hearts and $10,000.

We're asking friends, family and people everywhere to participate in our project. It's easy to join...

You have a few different ways to participate:

1) Make an Art Heart...

All you need are some art supplies, paper (or other type of base) and your creativity. The next step is to draw or make a heart shape and create a really cool design inside the heart. Please feel free to write a special message on, around or in your heart.

2) Make a Donation & an Art Heart...

For only $2.00 you can download one of the Art Heart templates below. After processing a credit card using our secure shopping cart link, you'll have access to a JPEG file of a black outlined template. Simply pick crayons, markers, colored pencils or paint and create your own masterpiece. For a group of "heartists", simply fill in the quantity of people who would like to donate in the shopping cart and print out multiple copies of the JPEG. All of the proceeds minus credit card processing fees will be donated to the children of Haiti.

    Template #1              Template #2                

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Art Hearts Template 1

 Art Hearts Heart Template 2




 Template #3                 Template #4

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Art Heart Art Template Art Heart Art Template





    Template # 6          Template #7

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Art Hearts Art Template Art Hearts Art Template
Once your creation(s) is complete, simply mail it to:
Art Hearts for Haiti, c/o Let's Gogh Art, P.O. Box 664, Lunenburg, MA 01462

Please feel free to tell us a little about yourself or the group that created the heart(s). As our sponsor, Let's Gogh Art will be helping us to package the hearts and then mail them to the children and people of Haiti. We'll also be scanning and posting many of the hearts we receive here on this website for all the world to see (only first names of artists will be included if provided). THERE IS NO DEADLINE for your participation. As we receive hearts, we'll be mailing them out.

3) Purchase an Art Heart T-Shirt...

Wear your heart on your sleeve and we'll donate 25% of the proceeds to the children of Haiti. Choose one of our completed designs, or choose the DYO shirt and color it your way. $15.00 each, plus shipping. Buy Now by clicking on the thumbnail of your choice.

Happy Heart T-Shirt

  Happy Art T-shirt DYO



  Art Heart for Haiti T-Shirt
Art Heart T-Shirt  

4) Turn Your Art Heart into a Practical Product to Keep or to Give...

Before you send us your Art Heart, use our Let's Gogh ArtCessories imprinted art products store and share your heart with friends and family, or keep a practical item for yourself. Your design can be quickly and easily uploaded and imprinted on hats, mugs, mousepads, key chains and more. We'll donate 20% of each order to the children of Haiti. Visit: http://www.letsgoghartcessories.com/ to order

5) Do You Know a Company With a Big Heart?Happy Hearts H20

If so, we'd love to talk to them about funding Art Heart designs imprinted on water bottles, t-shirts, pillows or stuffed animals. Then, we could send the children art and products to help them heal their minds and their body. We're calling these products: Happy H2O, Happy Shirts and Happy Pillows. This would be a project that would make everyone "happy".

6) Host a Heart Party

Let us come and help your group create some unique hearts. Our mom will help too! We'll bring all the supplies and donate our time. Participants can choose from watercolors, acrylic paint, watercolor pencils, crayons or pastels to create their own unique heart. We'll also offer heart face painting. The only thing we ask, is a donation of $5.00 per person, either from the participants or the host organization. Proceeds will benefit the orphans of Haiti.

Emma portrait

Kate PortraitThank you for joining our Art Hearts project. We both love art. It makes us feel good. We hope that the hearts, money and products we collect and send to the children of Haiti will make them feel good too. As our mom says, the art hearts will help people feel a little less alone, a little more hope, and a lot more loved. Thanks for joining us! 

Love, Kate and Emma




How It All Started 

Twin 7-year old girls, Kate and Emma were watching in frightened fascination the recent telethon, Hope for Haiti Now, along with their parents. After watching video clips of orphaned children and the other atrocities, the girls gathered coins and dollars from piggy banks and tiny purses and asked their mom to text a donation. They then began drawing happy pictures (including hearts) and asked if they could be mailed to some orphans in Haiti. "When I see a colorful picture, it makes me smile, maybe it could make a child in Haiti smile too," commented Kate.

Inspired by what they created, Kate and Emma's mother challenged the girls to come up with a way that more art could be created by more children like them, and shared with those suffering in Haiti. She continued to explain that money wasn't the only way they could help. After more drawing and brainstorming, Art Hearts for Haiti took form. The heart shape was chosen for this special project for all the appropriate meanings it has, and for the feelings it expresses. 

The pair also has aspirations to give donated Art Hearts to other children and people here in the United States and across the globe. Kate and Emma hope that you take a few minutes (and inspire others to do so as well), to share your art and your heart!! Let's Gogh Art is proud to be sponsoring this amazing project, and hope that through our thousands of friends, family, contacts, classes and programs, we can spread the word quickly and "create some smiles." Let's "gogh" make some Art Hearts...we look forward to receiving them!!  If you have any questions about Art Hearts for Haiti, please email: art@letsgoghart.com or call: 978.833.6067.

The Meaning Behind the Heart Shape: The heart has long been used as a symbol to refer to the spiritual, emotional and moral core of a human being. As the heart was once widely believed to be the seat of the human mind, the word heart continues to be used poetically to refer to the soul and also represents love.

Click here to download a flyer about Art Hearts for Haiti 

Click here to download Art Hearts press release

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Project Ideas

We challenge you to think outside of the crayon box and create a unique heart...whether it's a watercolor painting, a fabric collage, a mosaic or even a crayon drawing...create what you feel, put your heart into it and it will be amazing! Use one of our templates below, or create your own unique masterpiece:




http://www.teachingwithclass.com/t-46083.html (heart shaped paper)


Heart Gallery




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